About us

We are a motivated and crafted enterprice in the construction of vertical gardens, greenery projects and objects with no less than 15 years of experience. This has all been established by Erwin van der Schaft. He has worked at a big renowned company in the middle of the Netherlands, where he was responsible for the complete effectuation of garden projects including employer manegement, budget, planning and qualitypreservation.

Now, Vertiplant aims to motivate people to drag more out of their creativity to achieve the most productive and efficient way to deliver the pruduct to the costumer.

As enterprice Vertiplant has developed the pruduct Vertiplant, so it could make vertical gardening possible for anyone. Vertiplant is an ingenius system for adding vertical greenery. It is fully selfsustainable by means of a clever waterintergration system and automatic liquid nutrition. In such way that the plants will develop optimal to a green and/or colorfull blossoming result.

Vertiplant introduces green in gardens where it used to be impossible because of a lack of space. Vertiplant makes it possible to add greenery to any small gardens, solving the problem of little space. This way, it is now possible to cultivate fruits, vegetables or herbs and/or add flowers to the garden that at first sight seemed too small. Follow your fantasies!