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In September, the summerblossoms have reached their top in your garden or terras: Time for heather to start their engines. Heather is a gardenplant of the month September and provides much colour throughout the late season. And extra fun: Bees and bumblebees come to these plants for their final honeyreservoir, so they can fill them up before winter starts!

Heather (Calluna vulgaris) is a european classic and originates from the coastal areas of West-Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. The plant grows in beautiful long waves with small symmetrical flowers. The purple and pink flowercolours seem a bit shafted, but that gives this particular plant some character. In full ground, these plants form a winterstrong carpet with a calm, authentic appearance. In pots and baskets, the Heather is a robust eyecatcher.

The blossoming of the Heather starts in September and lasts till around the beginning of November. The flowers contain big storage of nectar. heather is, in fact, the most important supplier of Heatherhoney, so that bees and bumblebees can profit a lot from these plants.

Pure Nature
Heather is a bit longer and less compact than other Heath types. This gives it a strong Natural character. In Nature, most of the beautifully coloured hills are the efffect og purple and pink flowers. And in the garden, the plant has the same effect, however it creates a nice contrast with the green or brown leaves. Because of it's special shape and character, the Heather fits excellent in the trending concept in letting greenery do what it wishes itself. The plant also combines with handsome ornemental grasses and groundcovers.

Care tips:
• Heather loves the be in a sunny place. The more light, the healthier and more beautifull the plant will be.
• Heather is a survivor in its roots that can go on without the need of much maintanance. So you don't have to add fertilisation. But do give it some extra water in dry periods of time.




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